This movie (20min.) Directing Helmie Brugman during the exhibition Ferd Verstraelen- In The Light of 23/1 t / m 20/03/2011 shown in Museum van Bommel van Dam, Venlo.

Televisie omroep L

A film about artist and actor Ferd Verstraelen from Steyl(NL). His niece Helmie Brugman followed his trail back.

The Limburg artist and actor Ferd Verstraelen (1939-1994) has been a major inspiration during his working life for a variety of artists such as Mathieu Knippenbergh and Harr Scheffer, writer and poet Huub Beurskens and filmmaker Ben Verbong. Despite his many talents, his visual work during his life remained invisible to its surroundings. Why he never exhibited his graphic work? What makes his work "lost" hit? Composed his wall-painting (1971), commissioned by Océ Van der Grinten yet? To get answers to these questions are traveling Helmie Brugman off to his hometown Steyl. A beautiful monastery village on the Maas.Hier begins a search for his 'lost' supposed to work, trying to unravel the mystery of her uncle Ferd.Uit conversations with friends, including Louis Lücker (industrial designer Océ), Ben Verbong (movie director) Theo Kuijpers (artist), Harr Scheffer (artist and former teacher Design Academy Eindhoven) and Cecile Potjes (life partner from 1972 to 1980), the viewer gets an insight into the remarkable life of this non-conformist. Added archival footage (main archive of Picture and sound, Beeld-Geluid Hilversum(NL)) of the Tegelse Passion Play in 1967 and 1971, where Ferd's legendary the Christusact has played, the audience will understand his acting talent.