Group exhibition, What about me?

De VISHAL, space for art in Haarlem (NL). August 27 t/m 24 September

Participating artists: Laura Eckert(DE)  Bram Hermens(NL) Helmie Brugman(NL)

Opened by Marjan Scharloo, director of Teyler Museum Haarlem (NL)
Guest curator Helmie Brugman. 

A group exhibition where "Man is central which is pinched by the tumult in our hectic world. A theme of all time but now more topical. All participating artist's work from this theme. They work all figurative and let themselves be influenced by the formal language of the Renaissance. As with Mannerist artists (late Renaissance), the emphasis is no longer on the classic shape but they express their idiom emotions and drama off.